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Ready to say goodbye to hot tub hassles and pool problems? Our expert team is here to provide fast, efficient solutions tailored to your needs.

Experience excellence in hot tub and pool services!

Our team of experienced technicians is committed to delivering fast, efficient, and neighborly service, ensuring your satisfaction. With us, you get more than repairs – you get a reliable partner in maintaining your oasis.

Neighborly Excellence

Experience the ease of hot tub and pool care as we bring a level of service marked by our commitment to keeping your pool functional.

Swift Satisfaction

Rest easy as we tackle your hot tub and pool needs, leaving you with more time to relax and unwind in your perfectly maintained space.

Transparent Pricing

You can have peace of mind that you will receive the utmost value with our transparent pricing.

"Fantastic service..."

"Fantastic service and friendly. We have used Turnbull twice, and Shane went above and beyond to make sure our hot tub was taken care of quickly."

Jennifer O.

Revitalize your water haven!

Maximize the efficiency of your system to create a more reliable, better pool experience. Is your current system taking more work than you'd like? Let us upgrade to a more seamless and simpler setup for your pool or hot tub!

Hot Tub Services

As a seasoned hot tub repair company, we specialize in ensuring your hot tub runs in optimal condition, addressing everything from electrical hiccups to mechanical issues. Servicing hot tubs from Denver to Pueblo, we take pride in our timely and expert hot tub service.

Whether you own a new or old spa, trust us for care, including retrofitting and addressing water pump concerns. We're not just here for the summer; our specialized spa maintenance ensures year-round satisfaction. Your hot tub or spa isn't just a part of your property; it's an investment that deserves the specialized care and attention we provide.

  • Relax with our hot tub expertise, addressing repairs and scheduled maintenance.
  • Denver-wide service with a timely and expert touch for new and old spas.
  • Specialized care, including retrofitting, water pump attention, and year-round satisfaction.
  • Is your old tub with obsolete parts bringing you down? Perhaps new hot tub prices are a little too steep? Let us retrofit to a more modern system!
a hot tub filled with water and foam
a backyard with a swimming pool and a green hedge

Pool Services

Our dedicated team addresses the intricacies of your pool equipment, ensuring everything runs smoothly. From routine maintenance to timely repairs, our professional touch extends to old and new pools, servicing pool owners in the Denver to Pueblo area. We're your company for all things pool-related, including heater installation, equipment servicing, and repairs.

  • Elevate your pool experience with comprehensive services beyond the basics.
  • Professional touch for both old and new pools.
  • Specialized care and proper maintenance for pools and spas.

Underground Leak Detection

Safeguard the structural integrity of your aquatic retreat with our advanced underground leak detection services. We understand the importance of running a tight ship for pools and hot tubs. Beyond merely finding leaks, our seasoned professionals ensure a swift and precise resolution, keeping your pool and hot tub in top shape. Trust us to navigate hidden challenges seamlessly, providing peace of mind that goes below the surface.

  • Advanced services for finding those hidden problems, ensuring good structural integrity in the long run.
  • Swift and precise resolution of leaks, with expertise from your doorstep.
  • Seamless navigation of hidden challenges, providing peace of mind beyond the surface.
a view from a pool ladder looking down at the water
an empty swimming pool with a fence around it


Prepare your aquatic paradise for seasonal transitions with our thorough winterization services. Our team ensures a stress-free reopening post-winter, shielding your pool and hot tub from the chill. Picture a seamless return to warmer days, knowing that our winterization services have your back. Winter may come and go, but our dedication to keeping your pool and hot tub in optimal condition remains unwavering.

  • Thorough preparation for seasonal transitions, covering repairs and maintenance.
  • Stress-free reopening post-winter with our professional care, all at your doorstep.
  • Meticulous shielding of your pool and hot tub ensures optimal condition year-round.

"Shane Turnbull knows his way around any type of hot tub/spa. Knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend him and his company."

Bradley T.

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From swift leak detection to stress-free winterization, we bring professional solutions to your doorstep. Trust us to keep your aquatic retreat running perfectly, providing peace of mind beyond the surface.